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Mananement Philosophy

We are always working on our business with the aim of achieving three satisfactions.

The three satisfactions are ...

・Customer satisfaction
・Cmployee satisfaction
・Company satisfaction


The starting point of the three satisfactions is "Customer Satisfaction".

With this as a starting point, we will strive through company management to satisfy all of the "three satisfactions".


In today's world where diverse needs are required, we are promoting business development specializing in custom-made products in Japan.

Fortunately, we have received a high evaluation, and the ratio of made-to-order products is increasing year by year.


 However, many "difficult problems" arise in developing products that meet the various needs of customers rather than manual catalog products.


At such times, we believe that "difficult problems" are treasures for continuing to progress as manufacturing professionals.
We evolve with challenges.



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We manufacture custom parts based on your individual requirements,

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