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Manufacturing custom-made parts for a half of Century

Since our founding, our main business area has been custom-made parts manufacturing, and we have manufactured parts related to product manufacturing equipment in various industries such as automobiles, electronics, semiconductors, food, and medicine.
Currently, we receive more than 80,000 manufacturing requests annually from 3,600 customers in Japan.

Making full use of our abundant experience, extensive facilities, and a network of more than 160 cooperating processing companies, we can manufacture custom-made parts of any size and shape through integrated production, including cutting, grinding, EDM, heat treatment, and surface treatment.

Our mission is to stand by our customers and solve their difficult metalworking problems.


Our experience pulls out an infinite possibility

Since our founding in 1966, we have strived to improve our technology and facilities in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Utilizing the know-how and achievements that we have improved over half a century, we will respond to the needs of diversifying parts.

Years of business continuity


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Our Strengths

Integrated production system

Integrated production system

The projects that come to our company are one-of-a-kind parts with different shapes, materials, quantities, and drawings.

The value we provide is to complete and deliver all projects according to the customer's desired specifications on time.
In order to achieve this ultimate high-mix, low-volume production, we own equipment related to each process and control production while cooperating with more than 160 cooperative processing companies.​

About Custom-made parts

About Custom-made parts

We manufacture custom parts based on your individual requirements.



Here are custom-made parts that we have made.

Half a century of manufacturing experience in Japan

Since our founding, we have been improving our processing technology and equipment day by day in order to meet the needs of our customers.

We will generously provide technology and experience that have continued to satisfy Japanese customers who have high quality requirements.

Globalization of production

Globalization of production

We are a global company with production plants in China, Korea and Indonesia.

Compared to Japan, those factories are characterized by being able to produce at a lower cost.

Each factory achieves the same manufacturing precision and processing standards as in Japan.


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About custom-made parts

We manufacture custom parts based on your individual requirements,

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