2. FAQ


If you have any questions that are not covered below, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.

Questions about your order

A. Please contact us using the inquiry form.
 In order to register customer information, account registration, etc., we will guide you through the registration form.

A. Please send your order form by email.
 In the case of custom-ordered parts, drawings and CAD data must be supplied together.

A. We support 2D data: dxf/dwg, 3D data: igs/x_t/stp/wkf, etc.


A. Please refer to the Custom-made parts page for information.

A. Please refer to the Custom-made parts page for information.

Questions about processing

A. We specialize in palm-sized parts. However, we also have a track record of producing longer ones (up to 800 mm) and larger ones (up to φ300). Please contact us first.

A. We basically procure the materials as well, since we have an integrated production from material procurement.<br />However, this does not apply to joint research and development of difficult-to-obtain materials or products.

A. es, although it depends on the product size, heat treatment and nitriding are the kings of processing possible with our equipment. Other coatings are processed by our cooperative processing partner.

A. Unfortunately it is not supported.

A. It is 2~3 micro meter (0.1 mil).

Questions about transportation

A. We ship with DHL or Fedex.

A. Please contact to our sales representative .

A. Basically, it is based on the shipping date from our company.
 Please note that delivery may take some time depending on the delivery area and traffic conditions.


Questions after delivery

A. We apologize for the inconvenience.
 Please contact our sales representative first.
 We will respond promptly in accordance with our product warranty regulations.

A.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but please send us the order sheet in the same way as the first order.



For all inquiries, please contact us using inquiry forms below.

About custom-made parts

We manufacture custom parts based on your individual requirements,

Check our works

Please visit the page for custom-made parts we have made.

Inquiries by phone

Reception time 8:45 am~17:30 pm
(Excluding Sundays and holidays)