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Basic Philosophy of CSR


We fully recognize that our business activities are based on the premise of a rich environment and society, and strive to realize "consideration for the global environment" and "contribution to local communities" in our business activities. We believe that this is our CSR.

What CHAMPION CORPORATION is working on.

Started of solar power generation

As part of our environmental conservation activities, we started operating an effective solar power generation system on the premises of our Matsusaka factory on July 19th.

Solar energy is very useful as an energy source in the future for global environmental problems, depletion of energy resources, and other issues that must be considered on a global scale. We believe. 

Our solar power generation can generate a maximum output of 500 kW.

At our company, we have been doing activities to reduce waste and make effective use of resources, such as displaying the cost of consumables.

With the introduction of solar panels, we would like to work together as a company to further raise awareness.


About switching to LED at the factory

In fiscal 2013, LED lighting was introduced at the head office factory, and in fiscal 2014, the Matsuzaka factory was gradually switched to LED lighting, making it possible to reduce power consumption by up to 60% (*catalog figures) compared to before.


In addition, LED lighting has a long life of 50,000 hours and does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, so it is an earth-friendly lighting from the perspective of waste reduction.

Champion Corporation aims to be a better company, focusing not only on our customers but also on the natural environment.


The  factory for "women"

Yao-Factory was established in 2018 with the concept of "a factory where women can work comfortably" as an initiative to support women's social advancement. This is a factory for women that eliminates as much as possible the sloppy work and heavy labor that are common in the manufacturing industry, and is particular about the factory environment, equipment, and work clothes.



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