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Quality assurance

Safe and Reliable Quality Assurance System

Our mission is to consistently supply high-quality parts in order to support the quality of our customers' daily production.

Product warranty and product support of CHAMPION CORPORATION


Inspection system that supports high quality

By establishing a constant temperature (22°C ± 2°C) inspection room, we are always pursuing constant inspection quality.

In addition, in each process of manufacturing, we inspect the dimensional accuracy, surface condition, etc., and thoroughly build in quality.


Product traceability

We keep a complete record of when, by whom, and with which equipment the delivered products were processed.

We have built a production management system that allows immediate access to production information in the event of a problem.


Full support

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the delivered product, please contact our sales representative.
We will respond promptly and politely.

Notes on product warranty and product support


If a latent defect is found in a part delivered within 6 months after passing the customer's acceptance inspection, we will promptly repair it at our expense by a method approved by the customer or replace it with a substitute product. Basically, we will not respond by reducing the price, but will respond in principle to the re-delivery of non-defective products. In addition, when a defect such as a defect is found, please be sure to inform us of the details of the defect before taking the next best countermeasure. We may not be able to comply with your request for compensation or expense claims if you do not contact us in advance.


Depending on the situation, we will sincerely respond to compensation for damage caused to the mold due to a defect in the delivered parts. However, depending on the details of the defect, the parts that have been used once in the mold may not be covered by the compensation even within the period of the first paragraph.


If the problem occurs overseas or with a third party, in principle, we will deal with the customer at the delivery destination.


In the event of damage or loss due to the negligence of the transportation contractor, after consulting with the customer after confirming our company, we will respond by delivering a replacement free of charge as soon as possible. In principle, we will not compensate for any other damages that occur.


We take all possible measures to prevent rust on delivered parts by using anti-rust agents, but please do not leave them in a high-humidity place during the season when rust is likely to occur. In addition, we will not compensate for rust on parts that have passed three months after delivery or rust on standard parts.


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