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One-cycle Motor

One-cycle Motor

Gear motor with one-turn control clutch

A one cycle motor is a product developed mainly for rotational positioning of screws and screw caps in plastic molds that use screw cores.

This is a motor unit that can be positioned simply by supplying power from the molding machine to the motor's main power supply and solenoid (solenoid valve). By using a simple clutch without using a sensor, etc., there is no differential product error. It can be used as a substitute for servo motors for screw products that require positioning. Due to its simple structure, maintenance is easy. It is widely used in molds for medical, cosmetic, and beverage containers.

When the solenoid is energized while the motor is energized, the power of the motor is transmitted to the output shaft side by returning the clutch, and it stops accurately at the position of 360 degrees in one rotation. By adjusting the energization time to the solenoid, it is possible to stop at 2 rotations, 3 rotations, and integral rotations.


Recommended environment for use

For screw cap closure mold

The below is a guideline for using this product without problems.

Part size Number of moldings
Molding of a cap closure of about φ30 8
Molding of a cap closure of about φ50 4

Repair and Warranty

・The warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase.

・Additional costs will be incurred for operation check, repair and parts replacement outside the period.

・In principle, if the problem occurs overseas or with a third party, we will deal with the customer at the delivery destination.

Periodic inspection and repair

The interval between inspection and replacement varies depending on the operating conditions, but please refer to the table below as a rough guide.
(The guideline is 10 hours of driving per day.)
Inspection and replacement items Approximate intervals Criteria for parts replacement
gear motor parts
grease change
4-5 years Replace every 20,000 hours or every 5 years.
When used for operation in a high temperature place or continuous operation,
Replace after 15,000 hours as a guide.
clutch parts
grease change
6 months If there is any abnormality even before the interval, replace the grease.
Apply a thin layer of grease to the outer circumference of the inner ring, the roller and the inner circumference of the outer ring.
The decomposition method is as follows.

1. Remove the top cover and loosen the motor mounting bolts.

2. With the output shaft facing up, use your finger to remove the clutch lever from the clutch cam through the hole in the top cover.

3. If you lift it as it is, the motor part and the clutch parts will separate.

4. Apply a thin layer of the specified grease to the peripheral surface.

5. Assemble in the reverse order.
re-tensioning the chain 6 months If the chain is loose, re-tension it.
Loosening of tightening bolts 6 months Tighten the mounting bolts if they are loose.
oil seal replacement 5 years If any abnormality is found, replace it.
O-ring 1-2 years When disassembling, be sure to replace it with a new one.


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