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Parts Delivered:

1.  In case that parts are found defect at customer within 6 (six) months after delivering, Champion without charge will repair or exchange them under customer's confirmation as soon as possible.
Champion fundamentally will redeliver the customer non-defective products rather than paying back or reducing money.
If you find defective products, please contact Champion soon before repairing at your side. Without notifying us the customer repairs the defective parts, Champion might not accept the part warranty nor the cost you expensed.

2.   Mold is damaged by parts delivered or some factors from Champion, it depends up to the situation but Champion will try to make our best to solve a problem with our sincerity.
However, once parts assembled into the mold in use might be out of warranty even in a certain period under malfunction.

3.  If the defect is occurred at overseas or the third party, Champion will contact the customer we delivered in principle.

4.  In case that parts damaged or lost by a delivering company, Champion will replace them without charge after checking and discussing with customer. Parts for other cases will not be guaranteed by Champion in principle.

5.  The parts delivered are treated rust-proof fully. When it is wet season, please do not state them longer at a high humid place that causes rust on parts.
It is out of warranty for the parts rusted over three months after delivering or rusted standard components.
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