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Customized Parts for Mold
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Customized Parts for Plastic Mold

We supply universally high precision parts in material and configuration

Thread Grinding Process

It is finished to grind thread shape of the core pin. We supply mold parts which need high precision like taper thread, multi-thread article (Article 6) or R-shape on the bottom.
We have received well reputation from medical, optical and stationery markets.

Molding Polishing Process

Downsized high precision connectors are processed within micron tolerance.

Possible to Product Parts by CAD Data given

It is possible to product pin tips of 3D configuration by CAD data given from customer.

First user of Beryllium Copper in Market

It is important to solve sink marks and shorten cooling time for moldings.
In order to solve those problems we started using Beryllium Copper which has good thermal conductivity as the first user in market.
To use Beryllium Copper for core pin could prevent sink marks on moldings
and save running cost to shorten the cooling time in total production.
We have offered customers our own technical know-how which the competitors cannot copy.

Challenge Widely Ranged Materials

We are able to supply various kinds of materials. Please contact us even you have no record in use.
We cast your request into shape to add our ideas/innovation on our data collections.

Parts Utilized with Molding Know-How Which We Welcome Having Difficulties.

Regarding large sized parts, Champion has a unrivaled confidence and result by competitors.
Champion has maintained a long history in market and controlled an integrated production system to connect with
any manufacturers not only parts makers but also mold makers.
As a result, we can collect wealth of information including material, configuration and process.
As applying the know-how we obtained in molding market, Champion also can cover all customer needs in large-scale parts market.
We currently have negotiated with many major manufacturers with good reputation in quality, delivery and price.

Customized Parts for Die Casting Mold.

Champion supplies parts of die casting mold with quick delivery in total operation.

Core Pin

Simple formed core pin can supply quick delivery and reasonable price.
We also supply hole-water process and various kind of coating in total operation.

Abnormal Shaped Pin

Champion makes abnormal shaped pin like close to 3D by machining or EDM machine.

Sprue Parts

Champion produces sprue parts in total operation or the operation what you need.

Customized Parts for Press Mold

We supply lapping/surface process in total operation.

Square Punch

We challenge any possible processes in order to make a longer life-time of mold like vertical polishing, lapping or coating in use.

Round Punch

Smaller size of round punch is one of our specialized lines.
We challenge the quickest delivery in the mold market with IC lead frame or connector.

Parts for IC Semiconductor

We can supply carbide parts like pot (chamber) or plunger.

Pot (chamber) or Plunger

We have received good reputation from various domestic semiconductor makers as increasing in demands of high quality.

Gate Pieces

We can supply round or square gate pieces in total operation as well as bulk production with high quality.


We can supply anything from small lots of customized parts with quick delivery to bulk production with lower price.

Other Customized Parts

We can widely range tools for FA customized parts/production line to small/big parts in round/square shape.
Please ask us any parts what you need for machinery.

Parts for Big Sized Lathe


Parts for Plate Processer


Customized Parts for FA (Factory Automation)

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