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Company Information

Established March 1966
President Masateru Mizutani
Capital 81.1 million yen
Business Outline Manufacturing & sales for precise parts of mold
Employees 100
Location  3-28 Yokomakura-Nishi, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka-Prefecture, 578-0956 Japan (Headquarters)
TEL (81)-(0)72-964-2511 (Main)
FAX (81)-(0)72-964-5176 (Main)
Main customer
(Alphabetical order)
Apic Yamada Corp., Ichikoh Industries, Ltd., Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Umetoku Co., Ltd., Gifu Die & Mold Engineering Co., Ltd., Creative Technology Ltd., Shimano, Inc., Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., Sodick Co., Ltd., Dai-Ichi Seiko Co., Ltd., Takara Tool & Die Co., Ltd., Tatematsu Mold Industries Co., Ltd., TOWA Corp., Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Fuji Seiki Co., Ltd., Honda Engineering Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corp., Mitsui High-tec, Inc., Rohm Mechatech Co., Ltd., Yamaguchi Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd., & 2000 more.

Headquarters Map

Company History

March 1966 Established by capital 1 million yen and started by Teruhiko Mizutani, president and other two members
February 1976 Opened Nagoya Sales Office in Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya for Tokai area's sales.
April 1976 Increased 4 million yen in capital. Awarded an excellent tax payer by Higashi-Osaka Tax Office.
December 1977 Moved the current location the headquarters/plant built with 110 million yen.
January 1980
Increased 8 million yen in capital.
July 1980 Moved/Expanded the current location Nagoya Sales Office built with 100 million yen.
November 1981 Awarded again an excellent tax payer by Higashi-Osaka Tax Office.
September 1984 Increased 48 million yen in capital.
November 1989 Opened Tokyo Sales Office in Tamagawa-dai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo for Kanto area's sales.
March 1990 Finished Matsuzaka Plant (Matsuzaka-shi, Mie-Pref.; sited 11,800 sqm; built with 118 million yen)
November 1991 Awarded 4th time an excellent tax payer by Higashi-Osaka Tax Office
January 1993 Opened Fukuoka Sales Office in Nogata-shi, Fukuoka-Pref. for Kyushu area's sales.
February 1997 Moved/Expanded Tokyo Sales Office in Yohga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to own real estate.
March 1997 Finished the secondary Matsuzaka plant.
January 1998 Opened Tohoku Sales Office in Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-Pref. for Tohoku area's sales.
November 1999 Established "Shanghai Champion Industrial Co., Ltd." in Jiading-Qu, Shanghai, China.
April 2001 Masateru Mizutani assumed the presidency as Teruhiko Mizutani passed away.
April 2004 Finished precision facilities at the headquarters plant.
May 2005 Finished precision facilities at Shanghai plant.
October 2005 Constructed newly Nagoya Sales Office.
March 2006 Set-up CS Promotion Department at the headquarters.
May 2007 Established "Champion Korea Co., Ltd." in Bucheon-shi, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.
January 2008 Moved Tohoku Sales Office to Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima-Pref.
January 2009 Moved Fukuoka Sales Office to Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka-Pref.
April 2009 Opened China Guangzhou Office in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou for south China area's sales.

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