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Corporate principles
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For Next Generation

Since establishing Champion Industrial we have challenged to offer customers high precision and valued products in order to keep, "Customers give us difficulties as reliable corporation."
The world has proceeded rapidly to make downsized parts and robotized and automatized manufacturers in contemporary society.

To follow up such the world, the mold making market is needed to make super-precision parts.
Also customers request us more and more to design customized products with high precision and complicated configuration.
Regarding the request from customers, we have responded back them greater-than-expected technical results. That is our task to work together in group and to advance it day by day.

Three Satisfactions

Champion Industrial has challenged to aspire the following "Three Satisfactions:

Customer's Satisfaction (Quality, Price, Delivery & Information)

Employees' Satisfaction (Goal Achievement, Growth, Compensation & Working Environment)

Corporate Satisfaction (Societal Contribution, Profit, Stability & Safety Issue)

The start for Three Satisfactions is "Customer's Satisfaction." We work hard to be based on "Customer's Satisfaction" in order to achieve "Three Satisfactions" through corporate management. Under various needs demanded in current society Champion Industrial has advanced specially customized products in domestic market in order to solve crucial matters which we welcome from customers.
Fortunately we have received high-great evaluation from customers and customized products have been increased year by year. On the other hand, there have generated various problems regarding new products developed by customer's request rather than standard products like catalog goods.

When we face to such the problem,

   Reliability which customer trusts us to solve the difficulties absolutely,
   Advancement which Champion proceeds to solve the problems as professional designs goods,
   Opportunity which customer gives us to consider a new view point,

we challenge the above slogans. Champion is evolving with the difficulties.
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